Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction. The gambling industry makes billions of pounds of money. The government gets millions of pounds of tax revenue. Ordinary people pay for this. Gambling Addiction is becoming increasingly common. I have seen many people with Gambling Addiction and know the personal cost to the Gambler, their family and extended family. Treatment The first thing I do for my clients is help them save them money immediately.

I give practical advice on how to make gambling away their money as difficult as possible. It is possible to exclude yourself from an on-line Gambling site for up to six years.

Once I know that my client has started to take control of the practicalities of their Gambling Addiction I offer a therapy that can change the way they feel and behave.



Memory Reconsolidation. Memory Reconsolidation is a therapy that can change the way you are. You can become calmer, happier and a more positive person. As a consequence of this your need to Gamble can just fade away. Memory Reconsolidation affects your subconscious mind and can remove negative