Virtual Gastric Band

The concept of a virtual gastric band started in a clinic in Spain. The patients were hypnotised with the suggestions that they were having Gastric Band Surgery. It worked very well and the practise spread across the world.
There are several licensed brands in the UK that follow some of the original concepts from the Spanish Clinic. Two such brands are Hypno-Band and Sheila Granger. Paul McKenna has also written a book about it.
I am an experienced hypnotherapist so I have devised my own system that is focussed very much on how you feel. I need to get to know you and find out more about your eating habits. It is also important to know what triggers stress in you or if you are suffering from depression or anxiety or indeed both.

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Virtual Gastric Band therapy will be far more successful and long lasting if we get to the core of why you have been over eating. Once you are ready for the therapy then I shall implant hypnotic suggestions of a gastric band being fitted.


Sometimes I see patients who suffer from depression or anxiety to such an extent I feel that before we can move forward into the fitting of the virtual gastric band I must offer Memory Reconsolidation therapy.


At my hypnotherapy practice in Norwich of offer a rapid form of psychotherapy known as Memory Reconsolidation. The therapy is backed up by neuroscience research and by years of clinical practise. This therapy gets to the core of things and has achieved wonderful life changing results in many of my patients.