Hypnotherapy for Stress in cambridge

It’s all about Stress!

Prolonged Stress makes us ill. I know this from my time as a Physics Teacher. When I worked in a tough Comprehensive School I was often ill with colds, flu and stomach aches. Although I looked forward to the holidays I invariably became ill after a few days of rest. It did not seem fair.
Stress put’s our immune systems on a continual high alert level. As soon as I relaxed during a holiday my immune system relaxed far too much and I caught every cold going.


Many hypnotherapists that I meet are former secondary school teachers. This is no coincidence. I sought help to deal with my stress from teaching and I found the solution with hypnotherapy.


Short term Stress is good!

Without some stress we would not be motivated to get out of our caves and hunt elk or gather berries whilst avoiding the short faced bear (it was huge). Well times have moved on but our physiology has not. We are still very similar to our Neolithic ancestors. Neolithic man, or woman, did not have to get the computer to work with a deadline approaching with a grumpy boss to pander to! We still however wish to solve our software glitches by hitting the computer with a club.


Stress makes other psychological issues worse!

Many people have phobias, occasional IBS, feel a bit depressed, suffer from some anxiety and have compulsions or habits such as over eating. They can usually get by in life without too much hassle from their issues. However when stress kicks in these issues can become major problems.


By reducing your stress levels you will become healthier in your body and in your mind. Exercise and plenty sleep are known to help. But what if you exercise and still feel stressed! What if you are very tired but are too stressed to sleep properly! Then you may need extra help.


A short course of Suggestion Hypnotherapy can be enough to get your stress levels low enough so you can actually look objectively at your life.

Positive hypnotic suggestions can create good habits so you can deal with the day to day issues of life without piling on too much stress.


Sometimes your stress levels get so high that Suggestion Hypnotherapy cannot bring the symptoms you are suffering from down to a tolerable level. Or you have tried Hypnotherapy before, probably some form of Suggestion Hypnotherapy and your stress levels have gone up again. I would then recommend Memory Reconsolidation therapy.


When I was a teacher I decided to go through a course of Memory Reconsolidation. It had a different name then but was the same therapy. It was a case of untangling learned events stored in my subconscious that are no longer useful in my present life.


It was a very successful therapy. I feel that since that therapy, despite my greying hair, I have not physically aged much despite almost twenty years having passed.