Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy

When I started working as a Hypnotherapist in 2003 in Oxford weight loss was a personal problem. Now it seems that the press is describing being over-weight as a national failing that will bankrupt the NHS.

I do not believe that this is helpful as weight loss is still a personal issue for each of my patients.

So rhetorically, as a hypnotherapist who has spoken confidentially to many patients and to other professionals about weight loss, why do I think that people are becoming increasing overweight?

photo of apples in scales to suggest weight loss

Is it all about lack of exercise and stress?

These issues do not help but this cannot account for the rise in weight gain. Forty years ago when I was growing up people had stressful jobs and did not exercise enough. If you look at old family and work photos people had terrible hair styles, sticky out ears but were mostly thin by modern standards.

The main difference I believe is the availability and portion size of food. Back in the 1980’s shops shut at 5.30p.m and were not open on Sundays. Frozen pizzas were the size of small plates and beef burgers curled up in the grill. I can still remember the wonderful taste of my first proper burger that I was given at an air show run by the American’s.

Cheap food is now available for most of our waking lives. When I go to the local shop to get some milk I am bombarded by biscuits and chocolate at every aisle and corner.

What is more surprising than the national weight gain is that anyone actually manages to remain slim under the onslaught by the food manufacturers.

So how do I help my patients?

There are three therapies that I offer:

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

I will create positive suggestions with you that will help change your habit of over overeating into more beneficial habits such as exercise and feeling proud of your new healthy lifestyle. We will also examine what makes you stressed and how with powerful hypnotic suggestions you can become calmer and more relaxed. We will also discuss whether you over eat and drink on social occasions and how with hypnotic suggestions you can remain confident to consume with moderation.

Virtual Gastric Band

This is a great therapy that includes all of the techniques of the Suggestion Hypnotherapy with the fitting of a virtual gastric band. The therapy was devised in Spain by some Spanish Hypnotherapists. The results they achieved were so successful that the technique has spread across the world.

I create in the subconscious of my patients the powerful suggestions that they are going into surgery, their stomach will be smaller and it is for their own good. – It works!

The mind can be a strange thing to behold even for experienced hypnotherapists.

Memory Reconsolidation

Often people come to see me just to lose weight and are quite happy with other aspects of their life. They may eat more when stressed but they are generally emotionally stable. Suggestions Hypnotherapy or Virtual Gastric Band therapy is often fine for these patients.

Sometimes my weight loss patients will describe being depressed and suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. They may be suffering from other issues such as social phobia and sleep issues. If this is the case I may recommend that I take them through a course of Memory Reconsolidation.

These clients are very likely to lose weight with Suggestion Hypnotherapy or Virtual Gastric Band therapy but may put the weight on again if they start suffering from depression or severe anxiety. With the rapid psychotherapy that Memory Reconsolidation is I aim to allow the patient to get to the core of their emotional problems so that their weight can stay off.