Luke Henderson

Luke is a dedicated hypnotherapist. He is committed to helping you achieve your goals and feeling much better about yourself. He is particularly experienced at transforming the lives of people suffering from anxiety, addictions and weight issues.

About my Practice

I have been using hypnotherapy to help people for over twenty years.
During that time I spent five years in private practice in Oxford. I have also worked as a Physics Teacher. I now run a clinic in Cambridge and Norwich
I aim to use the best combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or CBT to help you.
The techniques that I use can be effective for a variety of issues. I am a member of the IAEBP – The International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy


I have helped resolve complicated and emotionally difficult issues for many people. The therapies that I offer have improved people’s lives more than they could have imagined. At my Hypnotherapy Practice I specialize in Weight Loss, Anxiety, Addictions, Stopping Smoking, Virtual Gastric Band and many other issues. I will use hypnosis to help you change for the better. The results that we can achieve together are truly fantastic.

  • Be calmer.
  • Change the way you feel about food.
  • Free Initial Consultation.

Therapy Clinic

My clinic in Cambridge is light and airy yet confidential and peaceful. I always enjoy being in my clinic and I feel that the atmosphere that it creates helps my clients achieve a feeling of safety and calm.