Luke Henderson

Now that I have reached the milestone of 50 years of age I feel that life is just getting better. My job is essentially to make people happier with themselves. Be that to lose weight, quit smoking or to remove phobias. I also feel privileged when I take clients through memory reconsolidation and learn all about their lives.

Hypnosis is such a nice feeling that some of my clients come to see me twice a month just for the relaxation that it gives them.

I believe that positive change is worth while at any stage of our lives. I have helped children as young as 6 and older clients who wanted change up to 84 years old.

In my younger life I was a teacher. It was whilst struggling with teaching that I first became interested in Hypnotherapy to help myself with the stress of my job. I learnt about hypnosis and psychotherapy and how the therapeutic process could be speeded up using hypno-analysis.

I have been on many courses since I first qualified and learnt about NLP, Life Span Integration, Coherence Therapy and Memory Reconsolidation.

The technique I use depends upon my clients needs. Much of the time I use Hypnosis with positive suggestions and that is often all that is needed. Other times I will use memory reconsolidation if that is what is required.


I have an established practice in Cambridge at the Salus Wellness Clinic and work here at Fairycroft house on Thursday and Friday.