Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety is sometimes perceived as the fear of something that is going to happen such as an exam, a visit to the dentist or public speaking. These are tangible reasons for anxiety and can be understood and reasoned with.
There is also a feeling of general anxiety when there is nothing particular to worry about. This is quite a confusing feeling and people can sometimes look for something to be anxious about. It is a bit like worrying when there is nothing to worry about. Only its worse and can lead to Panic Attacks.
Panic Attacks are very unpleasant feelings of intense anxiety and fear. These emotions can be accompanied with physical symptoms such as a palpitating heart and fainting.


I have treated many patients who suffered of anxiety and panic to such an extent that they were struggling to hold down their jobs. Some patients also had IBS and had a hard time getting to work some mornings.

Treatments for Anxiety & Panic:

Should you be anxious about an event such as an exam or a speech that you have to make, then Suggestion Hypnotherapy for a couple of sessions will often be enough. Positive suggestions for your confidence and well-being focussed on what you want to achieve will help you.

If you suffer from anxiety in general then the best therapy will be Memory Reconsolidation. Memory Reconsolidation is a rapid form of psychotherapy that will treat a combination of symptoms. Uncovering problematic memories and exposing them to the present time truth can be an incredibly liberating and healing therapy.